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Latest News

Upcoming Election: Tuesday, November, 4, 2014

Check out our Resources page for more information on accessibility, voting, registration and who's on the ballot this Nov. 4.

Voting Problems or Questions?

Our toll-free hotline is answered during business hours and polling hours on election days.

1-800-928-8778 Voice

1-877-758-6049 TTY

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What We Do

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  • Encourage organizations to conduct local get-out-the-vote drives and outreach.
  • Educate the disability community about voting rights and access issues.
  • Let elected officials know that people with disabilities are voters and a growing voter bloc.
  • Increase voter turnout among people with disabilities and their allies.



This presentation, delivered to the TASH Conference in 2012, provides a good overview of what the WDVC has done. It also includes information on some of the research we have conducted.

TASH Powerpoint 2012.pdf264.89 KB

The Voting Guide addresses many frequently asked questions and important voting topics including:

  • Why Vote?
  • Who Can Vote?
  • Who Cannot Vote?
  • Guardianship
  • Voters Who Are Homeless
  • Registering to Vote
  • Casting Your Vote
  • Voting by Absentee
  • About Elections

Please download the pdf version of the Voting Guide for Citizens with Disabilities below.